Giovanni’s Subway Exhibition in Berlin

Posted by on Jun 5, 2017 in Blog

Berlin’s metro, the U-Bahn, carries about a half billion passengers per year on its 90 miles of track. Some of the stations are absolutely gorgeous, with detailed mosaics and colorful tiled walls. Some stations are understated and minimal, but every platform in the subway has its own distinctive style (all captured in a fun Instagram project a few years back by Claudio Galamini).

u-bahn underground art exhibitions

The U-Bahn is an official and unofficial place for art. Sometimes, people wake up, hit the subway, and discover that entire murals or even installations like this bedroom art installation have popped up overnight.

These public spaces are excellent places to hang art, and Giovanni was fortunate to have the opportunity to do just that, displaying some of his more colorful and large paintings.

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