John putting up his artwork in Berlin's subway for a public exhibition.

Giovanni putting up artwork in Berlin’s subway for a public exhibition.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

December 2013: „Godspeed“ Cafe Tiefenthal (Hamburg)

April 2012: „Balls Over Hannover“ Galerie Heiko Beck (Hannover)

November 2011: „Anti-Depressionism“ Galerie Auf Halb Acht (Hamburg)

November 2010: „Color Bully“ Galerie Auf Halb Acht (Hamburg)

October 2010: „Navigators“  Galerie Souterrain (Hamburg)

November 2009: “Stolen Thunder” Galerie Auf Halb Acht (Hamburg)

October 2007: HanseArt Hamburg, Hamburg Art Fair (Hamburg)

October 2006: “Painted Paintings of Painted Paint” Sensei Gallery (New York)

March 2005: “The Soul’s Lazy Orbit” Shoreleave Projects (Brooklyn)

September 2003: Blue Sky (Athens, GA)

December 2000: Jittery Joe’s (Athens, GA)

Selected Group Exhibitions

December 2013: “Support Your Local Heroes 7” Galerie A-Planat (Hamburg)

July 2013: “Support Your Local Heroes 6” Galerie A-Planat (Hamburg)

December 2012: “Support Your Local Heroes 5” Galerie A-Planat (Hamburg)

July 2011: “Support Your Local Heroes 4” Galerie A-Planat (Hamburg)

January 2010: “Support Your Local Heroes” Galerie auf Halb Acht (Hamburg)

December 2007: “The Napkin Show” with Dave Geraghty, Sensei Gallery (New York)

July 2004: Aaron America, Fort Greene Gallery (New York)

January 2004: “New Artists About Town” Mott Haven Gallery (Bronx)

March 2002: Robert Lowery Gallery (Athens, GA)

April 1999: Globe Gallery, Athens Art Auction (Athens, GA)

April 1998: Globe Gallery, Athens Art Auction (Athens, GA)


1992 – 1994

University of Georgia, Department of Art, Athens, GA, USA

Courses: Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, Intaglio, Art History, Fine Arts Major

1991 – 1992

Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA, USA, Fine Arts Major

Scholarship: Artist’s Excellence Award, Florida State

1987 – 1991

Edgewater High School, Orlando, FL, USA